Ambreen Siddique,Dr. Muhammad Anwer


The teacher is represented by the nation's principles and goals and is obliged to its ethical and intellectual responsibilities for the training of learners to actively and creatively participate according to societal order. A teacher must reveal competence to attain the standards settled by state plans and programs (policy). These objectives can be attained via active, excellent teacher, teacher who is well prepared through professional training that has a direct impact on the quality of lifecycle. Teachers are the pivot in the whole educational structure. Continuous learning of teachers based on the development of a healthy structure of professional development and effective approaches for professional development that facilitates a range of competencies. It is not sufficient to improve teacher competencies; it is necessary to construct and sustain the useful, cooperative and collaborative environment, and permit them to do work cooperatively in a condition that facilitates learning for teacher and learner. Effective teacher education must promote teacher learning and competences. Moreover, it is also necessary to ensure who is sustained and can effectively support learning. The basic objective of the study was to know the pre-teacher’s opinion about learning sustainable competencies during teacher education program. Purposive sampling technique was adopted for the particular research and semi-structure interview was conducted to collect the required data. The result of the study reveal that was highlighted by participants that during the period of professional qualification/teacher training program we learnt from each other and got beneficial techniques to utilize in our professional life as a teacher. Majority of the participants agreed on the fact that they have developed skills professionally; they have developed reflective thinking skills, improved observational skills, lesson planning skills and learnt different assessment techniques etc. which are necessary to work as an effective teacher. Practice teaching was highlighted as most important part of their professional degree program because they explored what is evidence in research, what they have learnt and what is promoted in practice. This practice introduced new activities and techniques which are essential to implement theory to practice. Sense of cooperation and support has been developed in prospective teachers moreover, moral values has been polished and they have developed values i.e. respect for others and opinions etc.