Dr. Umm-e-Laila,Dr. Abul Hassan Shabbir Ahmad,Dr. Muhammad Yasir


Miracles are the integral part of the religions. All the primitive followers of religions firmly believe and accept the happening of miracles but with the passage of time the intellectual enhancement and beginning of the era of renaissance in-sighted the people to criticize the religion in the light of prevailing scientific principles. Upholders of the laws of nature in the west left no stone unturned to defy the very happening of the miracles. It has been learned that the followers of a particular religion have accepted the miracles in their own religion while they have rejected the same kind of miracles of other religions. Thus in this context the double standard has been commonly observed.

            Clinton Bennett is one of the contemporary scholars who have earnestly applied his closed attention to the biography of the holy Prophet ﷺ resultantly; an addition of a modern and useful book has emerged to the literary scene of the orientalism. Therefore, he had to concentrate upon the relating miracles as he quoted various oriental scholars along with his own scholastic evaluation and explanation of the prose and cones of the discussed miracles in the light of history and chronography.

            In the study under-hand we will try to examine and test his submissions regarding the particular field of miracles and biography. A critical examination of his contribution would be made with special relationship to the added aspects of the subject by him. This study focuses on Clinton Bennett’s work on Sirah specifically with his broader view of the subject and to examine all of the methodological ways and means used by him.