Implementation of Total Quality Management Practices in preschool education during the Pandemic situation of COVID-19 in Pakistan


1Waqas Mahmood, 2Siti Noor Ismail, 3Dr Hafiz Muhammad Ather Khan, 4Mohd Muslim Md Zalli


TQM is one of the tools that enhance the quality of education. The global situation of education today calls for an investigation into the role of TQM in enhancing students’ performance generally and particularly in Pakistan. This paper aims to highlight the important contributions of TQM in relation to the administrative development of the preschool business system, facts that lead to an increase in the quality of the entire education system. Approaching this topic and bending with particular interest in the formal education sector in Pakistan, we fall under the context of education management so that we can provide valuable suggestions for creating analytical activities and maximizing full functionality with some preschool network control by including a preschool franchise program. Kindergarten is the cornerstone of a person's personality, and the first pathway to higher education. To ensure the highest quality of education, a complex, well-organized process is required, which must be integrated with the school environment of the organization. Addressing quality management while focusing on quality education should be carefully analysed and researched in management practices aimed at increasing the satisfaction of the needs of the beneficiaries of the education system.



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