Studying the Role of YouTube Tutorials for Improving Speaking Skills


Komal Akbar , Ali Hussain Bin Sadiq


This study investigates the impact of viewing YouTube tutorials in the process of improving speaking skills of 9th-grade students. This particular research highlights the benefits of utilizing YouTube tutorials as a means for students to enhance English speaking proficiency beyond the traditional classroom setting.To accomplish this goal, the present study employs a mixed-methods approach with pretest and posttest.The data was collected through convenient sampling from 16 female students enrolled at Government Girls High School in the Sambrial setting of Sialkot, Pakistan. The researchers employed the experimental approach for data collection. The students' pre and post-tests were observed through observation and questionnaire. The post-test was conducted after the gap of two weeks of trials and exercises on YouTube tutorials in a learning context in which learners were completely made aware of the benefits of YouTube for enhancing speaking skills. The findings of the analysis indicate that language tutorials on YouTube for oral expertise have a significant impact on acquiring proficiency in English speaking. The students gain new English vocabulary and confident fluency while improving their speaking talent through the exposure to this media source in the classroom setting.



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