Assessment of Preschoolers’ Metacognitive and Critical Thinking Skills through Authentic Material


Muhammad Iqbal,Samarah Nazar,Azhar Shabir


Authentic material is very helpful for growth and develop the metacognitive development of preschoolers. It makes the provision of safe and stimulating learning environment creates safe provision and highly significant involvement occurred in cognitive development of preschoolers. To check the authentic material improved Metacognitive Thinking Skills of preschoolers. The subsequent mix-method approach used to explore the effectiveness of using authentic material in the form of flashcard, learning material and preschool learners’ kits which had a verity of educational supportive things. Government Municipal Model Girls High school selected for data collection. All the 25 preschoolers of ECE/Prenursery class selected for manipulate data.   The questionnaire was consisted nine domains to assess the cognitive development of preschoolers. It was concluded that authentic material and role of involvement of preschool or ECE teacher helpful to develop and enhance the metacognitive improvement. It is recommended to teachers implement flashcards and other authentic material for longer and more concentrated time that proves a sophisticated level of effectiveness.