Strategic Dimensions: CPEC's Influence on Pakistan's New Geo-economics Narrative


Dr. Afshan Aziz


The evolving landscape of international relations is increasingly defined by the fusion of geo-economics and geopolitics. This transformative shift is exemplified in the strategic partnership between Pakistan and China, where decades of Chinese economic, military, and technical support have reshaped traditional state relations. Their collaboration extends into infrastructure development and trade corridors, most notably the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), illustrating the convergence of economic cooperation and strategic alignment. This study explores the interplay of geo-economics and geopolitics, focusing on CPEC. It examines the primary economic impacts of CPEC on Pakistan, scrutinizing its effects on the nation's economy and trade relationships. It also examines the CPEC's influence on Pakistan's strategic positioning within the region, investigating shifts in regional alliances and rivalries. Additionally, it dissects the sociopolitical and cultural transformations incited by CPEC within Pakistan's borders. As China's role in shaping the regional security order expands, this research uncovers the utilization of geo-economic instruments to achieve geo-strategic objectives in a conflict-prone region. This study sheds light on the evolving geo-economic narrative of Pakistan and its profound implications, aligning seamlessly with the overarching theme of this research article.



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