A Semantic Analysis of Hassan Shaikh’s Poem “Your Vivid Recollections"


Muhammad Haroon Jakhrani,Momina Rafique,Dr. Sobia Tahir,Behjat Azhar


This research paper analyzes the semantics of the poem, Your Vivid Recollections by Hassan Shaikh. Two linguistic theories are used as a framework to analyze the poem: They include the Truth-Conditional Semantics of rich in 1960 and the Event Semantics James Higginbotham in1980. The research is of qualitative and descriptive nature, which implies that the content analysis shall be used as a methodology to determine what the main themes are and emotions in poems can text convey with words; but it also has some structures such as sentences. Studying each line of the poem, researcher comes to conclusion about its verity also kind and nature of those terms or incidents happen in a poem towards ultimate purpose. This analysis has also revealed that the verbs, tenses and aspects used in this poem form part of a given sequence or structure of events, which has contrived to create meaning for the entire poem. Furthermore, the study seeks to demonstrate how truth-conditional semantics and event semantics deepen our comprehension of literary pieces as well as contribute to the field of literary scholarship. The research findings reveal the unnoticeable layers of sense and emotions present in the poem, demonstrating that applying linguistic theories to literary works is more important than one could judge it before.