A Psychodynamic Study of ‘The Silent Patient’ by Alex Michaelides


Zainab Akram,Dr. Muhammad Akbar Khan,Khadija


This study aims to analyze the exploration of attachment theory within Alex Michaelides novel "The Silent Patient," which deals with the disturbed mental state of psychological patients.   Drawing upon John Bowlby’s theory of attachment, the analysis delves into the characters such as Alicia Berenson and Theo Faber, highlighting the complexities of trauma and childhood experiences. The study further explores how these individuals navigate and confront the disorganized or disoriented attachment and impacts of the lack of secure attachment in children and its consequences in later part of life. The paper also aims to find out the childhood traumatic experiences and the formation of personalities of the characters in novel. The analysis brought into light the elements of disoriented childhood attachments and psychological fear of abandonment from the partner.