A Pragmatic Analysis of Positive and Negative Politeness Strategies in Chekhov's Cherry Orchard


Hina Munir.Ayesha Batool


This research aims to analyze the use of positive and negative politeness strategies in Chekhov’s play “The Cherry Orchard”. For this purpose, the researcher selected the Politeness theory formulated by Penelope Brown and Stephen. The researcher chose the Politeness theory to apply to the play to conduct the analysis. For the analysis, the researcher selected Anton Chekov’s play “The Cherry Orchard”. From the novel, the researcher selected various dialogues of major characters of the play. The researcher found that different positive and negative strategies were used in the dialogues of different characters in this play. The researcher also finds the different factors that affect the use of certain politeness strategies used by different characters in the play. By examining how characters employ politeness strategies, researchers can gain a deeper understanding of the underlying themes of class, societal change, and human interaction in Chekhov's masterpiece.