Saba Mahmood, Hafiza Shahzadi Nadia Mumtaz , Maryam Sana, Dr. Muhammad Nadeem Iqbal, Tahira Sharif


The present study aimed to investigate the analysis of students' perceived science test anxiety at the elementary level, with a specific focus on examining the gender-based differences in the perception of science test anxiety among students. This quantitative research utilized a survey as the primary data collection method and focused on the population of all government schools in the Multan district. From this extensive population, a sample of 513 male students and 392 female students was selected, totaling 905 participants, to gather pertinent data. To ensure the validity and reliability of the research instrument, a pre-existing questionnaire was employed for data collection. Statistical analyses, including descriptive statistics, T-tests, and ANOVA, were employed to ascertain differences and relationships between various variables within the study. The research findings unveiled a significant disparity in the opinions of male and female students regarding the perception of science test anxiety. This gender-based distinction suggests that male and female students may experience science test anxiety differently, emphasizing the importance of addressing this issue. In light of these research findings, several recommendations and suggestions emerge. These findings have practical implications for improving science education and ensuring that all elementary-level students can thrive in their learning experiences.

Key Words: Perceived, Science Test, Anxiety and Elementary Level