Exploring the Impact of Fear on Community in Manto’s The Dog of Titwal and The Miracle Man in the Context of Partition


Hafiz Muhammad Qasim,Muhammad Hamid.Muhammad Bilal Ashraf


The present research aims to explore the aspect of fear by analyzing Manto’s selected works consisting of four short stories and four sketches in the context of Partition of Subcontinent. Saadat Hasan Manto, an Indo-Pak writer, has highlighted social, political, racial, economical, and religious issues. For exposing the bitter reality of the society, he has presented minor details with keen observation. The study is also manifested with the idea of the latest theorist Sara Ahmed who has filtered the idea of fear under the title of The Affective Politics of Fear. In her theory, she has discussed the function of fear, the periphery of fear, the object of fear and the impact of fear with the connection of culture. By interpreting Manto’s selected works, the present study has brought different instances of affected persons who suffered from the net of fear. The different instances provide a lot of ways to understand the basic concept of fear particularly in human life. Based on the context of partition of the Subcontinent, it has been captured a true picture of brutality analyzing different characters in selected works. At any rate, the present research bestows a new angle thinking and elaborating about the dilemma of the Partition. By using the Qualitative method, the present study has been connected with society so that all and sundry may draw these words according to the need of the hour.