Identifying Effective Teaching Strategies Acquired Through Professional Development that Enhance Students Outcome at Higher Level.


Fariha Sohil, Dua Mumtaz, Shaista Noreen,Samina Kousar,Muhammad Umair Sohail,Ali Asgher


This study investigates the impact of professional development on teaching strategies and their subsequent influence on student outcomes at higher levels of education. Utilizing a simple random sampling technique, two distinct questionnaires were administered to both students and teachers. The student questionnaire comprised 16 statements, while the teacher questionnaire comprised 22 statements and student questionnaire comprised 16 statements. Statistical analysis was conducted using the SPSS, employing t-tests and analysis of variance (ANOVA) to explore demographic variations. Regression analysis was utilized to investigate the relationship among professional development acquired teaching strategies and student outcomes. The results of this study provide valuable knowledge about the effectiveness of specific teaching strategies obtained through professional development and their role in enhancing student performance at higher educational levels.