Peace Education in Existing English Curriculum at Secondary Level in Punjab


Dr. Bakht Jamal, Farah Gul , Sidra Shabir , Ijaz Ahmad , Dr. M. Sheharyar Khan


The researcher aimed to analyze the existing English curriculum at the secondary level about peace education in Punjab. By adopting a qualitative research design, the content of English curriculum for 9th grade was analyzed by adopting thematic analysis process proposed by Braun and Clarke in 2018 considering one aspect (Affective phase) of Castro and Galace Model of Peace Education. The concept map instrument based on peace values (Affective phase) was developed. Experts’ opinions were established to ensure validity. The reliability was ensured through experts’ peer reliability procedure. The curriculum of English approved by the Punjab textbook board for 9th grade was analyzed.  The themes of peace education were analyzed and explained. Peace education is not satisfactorily presented, described only eleven aspects of peace education and there is no content on the value of gender equality while 11 units out of 12 (92%) focused on the peace values themes. The activities about peace education at the end of exercises are few and most of the activities demand whole school involvement.