Investigating the Role of Parent-Teacher Communication in Student Academic Success


Bushra Tabassum, Dr Muhammad Moin, Qurat ul ain Asif,Muhammad Hamid Nawaz Khan,Dr. Aamir Riaz


This study examined how parent-teacher communication affects student achievement. For students to do well, they need to talk to their teachers and parents. Relationships between students and teachers focus on learning, while relationships between parents and teachers focus on keeping an eye on and supporting education. Parents and teachers who talk to each other, trust, and understand each other make students feel supported and encouraged. Kids feel safe, motivated, and interested in learning when they have strong ties. Parent-teacher teamwork makes education better for future generations by making it easier for parents and teachers to talk to each other. Samples were chosen by stratified random sampling. They picked 250 boys and 250 girls from 20 high schools (10 boys and 10 girls). Self-designed and reviewed surveys were used. Multiple regression, mean, and standard deviation were used to look at the data. Parents talking to their kids' teachers is the best way to tell if their kids are talking to their teachers. Parent-teacher communication and emotional support have a big effect on how well a kid does in school.