Role of Education in Promoting Employment Opportunities in district Rajanpur (South Punjab) Pakistan


Saddam Hussain, Nosheen Malik, Shaista Noreen, Muhammad Umair Sohail


This study is based to examine the role of education in promoting employment opportunities in Rajanpur District (Southern Punjab) Pakistan. Study was descriptive in nature and survey method was assumed for the collection of data. The group of 200, teachers 170 and 30 lawyers were recognized as sample for this study purpose. Data was collected through questionnaire that was consisted 30 close ended questions and 3 open ended questions. Data was analyzed by using SPSS data analysis sheet, mean score, standard deviation, frequency, percentage, ANOVA, Tukeys HSD, Pearson correlation and simple linear regression.  Findings were drawn on the basis of data analysis and it showed that education had a positive relationship in employment opportunities. Results showed that it’s an important requirement for employment. Education is the key of employability and there is coordination between education and employability. Level of education is influencing the employability and lack of university education effecting on individual career. There is a connection between studies and workplace and policies in education to support unemployed youth to get work. There is involvement of private sector in educational institutions and education is influencing the career of individuals. Moreover, education is playing a positive role in employment opportunities.