Examining the role of social media in shaping modern storytelling


Samina Sarwat,Jam Khan Muhammad sahito,Umm e Ruman,Syed Khuram Shahzad


This study investigates the influence of social media on contemporary storytelling, specifically analysing narrative frameworks, audience engagement, and the culture of active participation. Survey data shows that social media has a substantial impact on storytelling practices by making the process more accessible to everyone and giving a platform to a wider range of viewpoints. Novel formats such as microfiction are created and influenced by social media metrics, which play a vital role in affecting the creation and reception of stories. Ensuring ethical standards is crucial for preserving genuineness, and involving the audience improves the storytelling experience. The capacity of social media to catalyse social transformation is recognised, despite intrinsic obstacles. In general, social media is widely regarded in a favourable light due to its ability to promote genuineness, interaction, and content created by users. Suggestions encompass endorsing ethical conduct, fostering cooperation, assisting emerging writers, harnessing user-generated material, utilising data analysis, campaigning for transparency in algorithms, and investing in research to increase social media storytelling.