Effectiveness of the Cognition Learning of ESL Students about Conditional Sentences: The Descriptive and Explanatory Analysis


Bushra Rasheed,Hafiza Sadaf,Rizvi Syed Sanober


The effect of conditional sentences on the cognitive learning of ESL students is important because, in different cognitive tests, the questions related to conditional sentences are included. During the studies, students should have proper awareness and knowledge about conditional sentences. Investigating the awareness, learning, knowledge as well as deficiencies about this topic is necessary. The study was survey and descriptive in nature. The quantitative as well as qualitative (QUAN-qual) method was implemented for the planned study. The explanatory sequential technique was implied. On the whole, the results of this research showed that KFUEIT students have good learning opportunities in their classrooms and a good number of students have awareness and knowledge of conditional sentences So, the results were opposite to the hypothesis of the researcher that there is no sufficient role of effect of conditional sentences on the cognitive learning of graduate students. The research will prove beneficial for ESL learners. In the end researchers has presented some recommendations on the base of research findings.