*Dr. Inam Ullah Wattoo **Dr. Yasmin Nazir ***Naveeda Khanam


This study is designed to investigate contemporary trends in seerah literature in western world.  As majority of western seerah writers belonging to the religions other than Islam. A closer look at the investigations and writings about the Seerah of prophet reveals that they refute the principles of impartiality ad acknowledgment of the facts while writings seerah literature. It is a ridiculous aspect of their research that they themselves collect material from our intellectual heritage to refute the prophet of Islam, so the text which is in their favor is presented as an argument but abruptly ignore other evidences of the same books which is a definitive argument against their own opinions and conclusions. For gaining the sympathy of Muslims and proving the validity of their research sometimes they sincerely but often hypocritically support Islam and prophet of Islam, while presenting general aspects of seerah they remain moderate while investigating historical fact they distort it, which make readers hesitant specially youth and those who are not fully aware about their own intellectual heritage, as a result modernist minds of Muslim Ummah have been subjected to a great deal of skepticism. For defending their fictious theories about the prophet of Islam they present ahadith which have been declared fabricated and unreliable by most narrators and jurists. In addition, it is also an undeniable fact that educated Europeans have accurate information and sources of knowledge about Islam and Prophet of Islam but blindly support myths and baseless rumors over facts in support of their prejudiced theories. It is also another factor of their prejudiced behavior that in their writings they address the opponents of Islam and they certainly feel pleasure with the statements which denigrate Islam and ridicule its principles, unfortunately, they had no idea that what Muslim would feel after these writings, that’s why they write whatever they want.