Revisiting Television in Pakistan: A Case Study of Women Representation in Pakistani Television Drama “Zindagi Gulzar Hai


*Sohail Riaz, **Moneeba Iftikhar, ***Shahbaz Aslam


Electronic media has a substantial role in influencing the perceptions of the individuals in society about the women’s role and place through the representation it gives. It creates the content to depict the status of women in social setup and their role in contributing the “social capital”. The most dominant role of women in media, specifically with reference to Pakistan, is that they are “passive, weak, dependent and oppressed” population of society. This study is intended to find how Television Serials of Pakistan configure the image of women. The pattern of the representation of women has been studied through analysis of the Drama Serial “Zindagi Gulzar Hai (2012)”. The data was collected through interviews with the play writers and professionals from the entertainment media industry of Pakistan. The responses confirmed the stereotypical representation of women in Pakistani media where females are depicted as a homemaker, assistant to professionals and officers and labour rather than authoritative characters like doctors, officers, army, sportswomen and businesswomen that are also the realistic image of women in society. The study investigated the point of views of the media professionals, Pakistani drama creators and agencies who are involved in the cultural production by media.