The Globalized Barbie Effect on Cultural Wealth of Communities of Color


Rabia Sohail, Sumera Shan Ahmad


This study explores the globalized Barbie Effect by evaluating various existing researches on Barbie phenomenon, from around the world. The model of community cultural wealth by Yosso (2005) is applied as a theoretical guideline for this study. Under the framework of critical race theory this model provides basis of redefining the community cultural wealth of people of color. The present study provides evidences from various published researches that Barbie dolls have been affecting at the level of all of the six aspects of cultural wealth, hence they are serious threats for cultural community wealth of colored people around the globe. Barbie doll imposes a kind of homogenized universal concept of beauty that dissolves the possibilities of cultural differences. Thus, the study finds globalized impact of Barbie phenomenon through review of various online studies based on communities of color and their cultural wealth.