“The Return of the Nativesکے تناظر میں تھامس ہارڈی بطور ناول نگار “The Return of the Nations” in the context of Thomas Hardy as a novelist Section Urdu Literature


صباحت مشتاق.ڈاکٹر نازیہ یونس


Thomas Hardy is one of the greatest English novelist with his fourteen novels, he has carved for himself a much respected place in the glorious mansion of the English novel. He is a great poet as well as great novelist. The world of Hardy’s novels consists of region consisting of a part of south west England, to which he gave its old name “Wesses” and some othe similar rural places. Wessex is presented as a main character in his novel Return of the Natives” which is one of the most admired novel of Hardy. This novel has most characterization, plot and setting in the rural noel as also autobiographical offet. Its ending as pessimistic, as Hardy thinks Native’s forces as maligrant acting against human fate.