THE ROLE OF CABLE DRAMAS FOR PROMOTION OF URDU CULTURE IN PAKISTANI SOCIETY: A CRITICAL STUDY پاکستانی معاشرے میں اردو ثقافت کے فروغ کے لیے کیبل ڈراموں کا کردار: ایک تنقیدی مطالعہ Section Urdu Literature


Saif Ur Rehman


The current research was coundected to find out the reaction of the audience and the lover of Urdu television dramas. The research was conducted to find out that the bias of the interviewees towards the specific content presented on the television drama is the time spent watching these specific dramas in relation to the Urdu language to absorb Urdu.A tool of communication in the area for promotion of Urdu Language. After watching Urdu television dramas on a regular basis, it is surprising to find them highly influenced by these dramas in adopting Urdu language