Talmihat-e-Inahaa: An Analytical Study Talmihat-e-Inahaa: An Analytical Study Section Urdu Literature


عثمانیہ سلطانہ,ڈاکٹر محمد ارشد اویسی,ڈاکٹر منزہ منور


The second major metaphor, which is in the form of an allusion, is about Hazrat Musa (peace be upon him). They have the honor of being in harmony with the Creator. His soul is blessed by Allah Tabarak wa Taala. Their conversation with the Lord as a mountain, burning with the manifestation of God and fainting of Kalimullah, righteousness and austerity or love is a beautiful hint in all respects. Insha has left a beautiful imprint of these hints in his language. Allah Ta'ala blessed Hazrat Musa with countless miracles. The first and main difference between talimih and tarikh is that talimih has a more ancient existence than history. When the historians had not even started editing the history, Talmih had reached many stages of evolution and there were rich treasures of Talmihat at its foot. History is still empty of mythological stories and events. But the Treasury of Talmihat contains details about mythological stories and their contexts and is an invaluable asset of Talmihat.