Tutoring Speech Organs with Computer-Assisted Language Learning


Ali Hussain Bin Sadiq
Hafiz Raza Razaq
Khawaja Mustafa


The study highlights the benefits of computer-assisted language learning (CALL) for enhancing pronunciation skills among 40 ESL students enrolled in BS English Literature and Linguistics Program. In the 2-week participatory-cum-experimental study, the participants are trained how to pronounce multi-syllable words (300) through CALL. They are rendered to pronunciation pre-test before training through CALL and are found incapable to pronounce selected words with requisite expertise. However, after schooling through CALL the results of the similar test i.e. post-test show that the students of experimental group improve their pronunciation and learn the handy application of CALL. The use of technology trains the speech organs of the students according to the acceptable place and manner of articulation of the English phonemes. The study suggests that training speech organs with CALL brings forth fruitful results and it is a good agent to improve the standard of pronunciation.